Gales of November

The Gales of November are upon us. Angry waves grow to exceptional proportions, the rugged shore line takes its brutal beating and the definitive bite of a bitter north shore wind scurries fallen leaves. Yet, this is the season of wonder as well. Much has been written regarding the Gales of November and its fabled storms. The shipping season on the great lake becomes one of struggle and survival for these mammoths of the seas. Taconite ships on Lake Superior experience extremes of nature as their steel hulls flex with the rise and fall of behemoth lake swells. Gone are the gentle “rollers” that were encountered by boat captains all summer long.

  Go to fullsize imageBut the extreme weather of November, in all its mighty glory, is the time to visit the north shore and experience waves, achieve great photographs, and stare in wonder at Mother Nature.

This is also the time when hotels and resorts stoke the fire on many of the massive stone and brick fireplaces found in their establishments, beckoning a “come hither…relax awhile” ambience. Nothing is so enjoyed as the smell of smoke in the air and the crackle of logs on the hearth. When you visit the Silver Bay Area, bring your camera and your sense of adventure because the Gales of November are a sight to be seen and a tale to be told.

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