The Lake Superior North Shore communities of Beaver Bay, East Beaver Bay, Finland, Isabella, Little Marais and Silver Bay welcome you and would like to invite you to visit our website.  We feel fortunate to live and work in an area so full of nature’s wonderful bounty.  We would like to think that some of the most remarkable natural landmarks of the North Shore are right outside our back doors.  We’re inviting you to explore our unique area and be our guests.

Hopefully you will soon find postings here from a local perspective, letting you in on some of the stuff going on in these parts.  From time to time you might come across a special offer from one of our friendly local businesses.  Maybe you too will be inspired to share a favorite North Shore place or memory with others.

Please take some time to visit our website and you might just get a feel for why we believe we live in the Heart of the North Shore.

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