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Past Peak or Peak-a-Boo?

Traditional phenology calendars put peak fall colors on the north shore around September 18th of each year. Depending on summer rainfall conditions and air temperature, our beautiful fall colors can vary in intensity and/or length of season.  This year, fall colors were –as always- beautiful, but not necessarily in the top 10 for clarity and contrast. Rainfall on the north shore was well above average for the month of June, raining 26 out of 30 days; however, July, August and September saw below normal precipitation which greatly affected our fall color showing. Although leaves lasted a bit longer into the season, thru October 4th to be exact, we did not see the vibrant contrast in colors between the maples, quaking aspen and paper birch trees that we have in recent years.

Past peak or peak-a-boo? Most travelers rarely get to experience the new visual world and landscape that comes into view once the north shore is past peak colors. For the first time since May, hikers, bikers, and motorized recreational enthusiasts can now see the topography of our beautiful Sawtooth Mountains. A hiking excursion during this time of year can be extremely rewarding as you can now see for miles – whether it be distant wave caps on the big lake or the numerous peaks and valleys of the Superior Hiking Trail. The sheer number of hidden overlooks and peak-a-boo landscapes that come into view are nothing short of picturesque. Traveling on the land during October and November is an odyssey of experiences that should not be missed by those whom love the great outdoors. No longer are there the bugs of summer, the humidity of thick inland trails, or the dense leaf pack of our north wood forests. Exchange that for gentle trail breezes, glimpses of Lake Superior and rocky outcroppings high above the shore line, as well as the smell of leaves on the air.

Make the scenic Silver Bay Area communities of Silver Bay, Beaver Bay, Finland, Isabella and Little Marais a must see destination year-round and discover why we truly are…

Your Heart of the North Shore!

“Fall” in love with your senses!

Fall.  What a beautiful time of year on the north shore. If you’ve never experienced it, let us share what’s waiting for you.  The Silver Bay Area is reknowned for its breathtaking and rugged shoreline, but it is the stellar fall colors that bring leaf lookers pouring into our area year after year….and for good reason!

The fall colors and smells reach deep into your soul during autumn. Peace. Serenity. Calm. Experience a hike, where the autumn moon rises over the trail and the sounds of your childrens laughter echo amongst the leaves. FEEL the crispness of a cool autumn night as you enjoy a bonfire on our stellar beaches while listening to the quieting caress of waves nearby.  HEAR the solitude of a leisurely walk with your loved one while peering at the beauty of Split Rock Lighthouse along the rugged and rocky shoreline. SEE leaves dance around you as you enjoy an ATV (All Terrain Vehichle) ride through pristine forests and winding trails, encompassed with falling leaves that lead to a yellow brick road of enjoyment around the next bend.  Experience the fall foliage from a distant peak such as Palisade Head where you can enjoy a 180° panoramic view of Lake Superior and the Superior National Forest.  And don’t forget the simple enjoyment of a good book and a cozy sweater while curled up in front of a crackling hearth fire back at the lodge, where luxury accommodations await you.

Yes, the Silver Bay Area has it all. But don’t take our word for it—EXPERIENCE IT.