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Top Ten Reasons to Visit Silver Bay this Winter….or this Weekend!

Suppose it’s Wednesday and you’ve got the weekend off. The kids are complaining they’re bored, the wife has got the winter blues, and husbands across the land need to escape the stress of work. What should you do? Create a Top Ten Winter Activity List and visit the Silver Bay Area:

1) See the aqua-blue ice sheets layering the rugged shoreline. Some of those sheets are more than 7′ tall and look like shards of glass!
2) Rent some snowshoes and experience your favorite hiking trail during the tranquility of winter.
3) Let the kids play on a waterslide while you and your spouse soak up some warmth in a bubbling hot tub or deliciously warm sauna.
4) Experience winter waterfalls. They are twice as beautiful in winter, with their frozen layers and hidden streams shooting out from inside ice.
5) Load up the snowmobiles — we’ll show you another use for snow besides shoveling!
6) Book a dog-sledding adventure. Yes, even those moody teenagers will think you’re cool for a day!
7) Crack that book you’ve been longing to read. Better yet, do it in front of a crackling fireplace in one of our fantastic resorts or hotels.
8) Go sledding….yes, even YOU are still young at heart. It comes back quickly and you’ll wonder why you ever decided to “grow-up”.
9) Go shopping. Women, get the car keys no questions asked and take off. We’ve got dozens of unique little shops you won’t find in the cities!
10) Do nothing! Hey, it’s your vacation….ENJOY IT! There’s something to be said for room service.